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Ben's House was once upon a time the kind of store I was always searching for and never found. 

I brought together all of my friends and all of the people I've ever wanted to work with. Searching the whole of London for newness and charm, putting them together in one home. After 4 years of joy we sadly closed our doors and bid farewell to our happy home ......

However, acorns grow, suns' rise and I'm now re-creating that magical Bens House vibe all over London at private parties, events and soirees.

Dinner for 12?
Cocktails for 200?
Invite Ben's House along to add a little something to the night.

We've grown to become experts at realising expectations.

Should your company want a farmers market in the foyer after work?  Just for one night? Where staff meet, eat, mingle, drink cocktails and meet the makers? We did that.

Should your foundation want to hear about the future of craft spirits and meet the crazy people who make them? We did that.

Should you want a Japanese dinner for 50 with paired wines in a warehouse? We did that.

Should you want to celebrate a partners birthday with five courses of fine dining delights and a cocktail bar in your front room? We did that too.

No suggestion is too crazy or too simple. We love the intimate and the extravagant equally.

Please do get in touch.

Warm Regards,